About Gary Player

Black Knight International

Black Knight International (BKI), the global umbrella company that owns and operates the Gary Player Group, in March 2006 announced the establishment of the Gary Player Real Estate division. The worldwide business focuses on expanding the company's real estate interests to high-end golf resort and residential properties, along with the inclusion of other quality developments that benefit from association with the Gary Player brand. Since the early 80's, Gary Player Design has created some of the finest golf courses around the world and worked with some of the very best real estate developers. Gary Player Real Estate provides specialized services beyond design as a means of significantly enhancing a developer's finished product

Our Mission

The mission of Gary Player Real Estate is to expand the Gary Player brand and realize the significant synergies that exist with our golf course design expertise and the goals and objectives of the best global real estate developers. The real estate division will conduct its' business in the same exceptional manner in which Gary Player has conducted himself as a golfer and gentleman during his 50-year career.

Services and Expertise

Our services start with the initial planning stages with developers which allow the division to be positioned for complete understanding and evaluation of the overall real estate program. Gary Player Real Estate assists as appropriate to ensure that the best product offerings are created. Our commitment is to create superior residential experiences that integrate the surrounding environment with superior land-planning and amenities. We bring 30 years of real estate and global experience to the development planning process and have experience working with top developers in some of the most successful master-planned developments in the world.

Quality Partners and Relationships

Based on developer needs, and in addition to our first hand expertise in golf course design, our worldwide experiences have allowed us to establish relationships with the highest quality and some of the best known partners in the industry, whether needs include financial, building construction, hotel, spa, management or hospitality services. Our ability to bring together these professional relationships when necessary will ensure the establishment of solid, long-term, and mutually beneficial teams within a project's scope. From initial envisioning, to planning, design, construction, marketing and opening, we can take a proactive role, if required, in the intricate development process. We will do whatever is necessary to contribute to the overall success of any development of which we are involved. With our real estate and golf course design expertise, along with our relationships in the global marketplace, Gary Player Real Estate delivers significant added value to developers and their projects.

Gary Player's Personal Involvement

We provide for the participation of Gary Player in both the conception and master planning of a development or the expansion of an existing project. Mr. Player's personal support in the marketing process, together with the reputation and visibility of the Gary Player brand brings significant value to all facets of a development.

Our Market

Gary Player Real Estate pursues high-end residential opportunities in areas that include golf course design projects, equestrian facilities, wellness centers, hotels and spas, golf learning centers, and other amenities where we have experience or professional relationships. As a company, Gary Player Real Estate, at any one time, takes on only on a reasonable number of select projects of the highest quality. We recognize the time it takes to give the service that our brand represents and we deliberately follow the steps necessary to deliver the attention to detail that will enhance the quality of each development where we participate.