About Us

Charles E. Dewey, Jr.

Mr. Dewey is the former president of a major insurance company's national full service real estate subsidiary, Advantage Real Estate Services, Inc., and a former partner for on of the nation's largest syndication firms, Winthrop Financial Company. He has been responsible for national equity and debt portfolios values in excess of $9.5 billion, and has administered negotiations for acquisitions and/or dispositions totaling more than $2.5 billion.

Prior to creating DDDG, LLC, Mr. Dewey was president of Advantage Real Estate Services, Inc. (ARES), where he was responsible for all real estate activities of this national full service real estate company, with specific responsibility of ARES' development and rehabilitation activities. Prior to ARES, Mr. Dewey was a partner with Winthrop Financial Corporation. Mr. Dewey was co-head of asset management and head of development for Winthrop. During his 27 years of real estate experience, Mr. Dewey has created three full service real estate companies that have accounted for in excess of 62 million square feet of properties leased/managed, asset managed or developed.

Vincent Dinapoli

Mr. Dinapoli spent six years with the durst organization, one of the largest owner/developers of high rise office and residential space in New York City. Mr. Dinapoli went on to create Vinart Construction Management Company, an owner/development /construction company with a track record of projects throughout the northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. He enjoys an impeccable reputation with the general services administration, the in-house real estate "agent" for the federal government, having consummated 28 transactions with various federal agencies represented by the GSA.

Prior to joining DDDG, LLC., Mr. Dinapoli served as executive vice president of AMCAP, Inc., a national real estate investor/owner of approximately 2 million square feet of retail and commercial space, as head of leasing and construction. Prior to AMCAP, Mr. Dinapoli owned a development/construction company, Vinart Construction Management Company. Vinart has developed, and/or constructed/leased/managed/owned projects totaling in excess of 1 million square feet. Mr. Dinapoli enjoys a successful relationship with the federal government, having procured 28 leases for either Vinart or companies with which he has been associated.